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Playmobil: The Movie is coming very soon in US theaters and we cannot wait to check it out! For all of you who are also excited about this animated adventure movie, we created Playmobil: The Movie Wallpapers extension that will be perfect for your browser. It offers various HD themes that will give your browser a completely fresh look and make it much more fun and colorful. You will be able to choose wallpaper that you prefer the most, or let them all shuffle randomly. In addition, this app provides some other useful features that will make your whole browsing experience even better. Enjoy using this extension and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Playmobil: The Movie represents one of the newest animated adventure comedy movies that is based on the popular German building toy, named Playmobil. In addition, it is a English-language French movie that was directed by Lino DiSalvo. The movie already premiered in France, on 7 August, and in UK, on 9 August this year. In addition, it will be released in US very soon, on December 6, so make sure to check it out in theaters around you. Playmobil: The Movie tells the story about two siblings, Marla and her younger brother Charlie. When Charlie disappears into the world of Playmobil, Marla must abandon her usual organised life and complete the mission of rescuing him. In this exciting adventure, in the completely new world, Marla will discover a new version of herself and see potential that she had never dreamed of. The movie stars voices of Anya Taylor-Joy, Jim Gaffigan, Adam Lambert, Gabriel Bateman, Meghan Trainor, Kenan Thompson, and Daniel Radcliffe. Unfortunately, Playmobil: The Movie received some negative reviews from different critics, who compared it unfavorably to the popular The Lego Movie. However, we believe that even Lego fans will enjoy this film, so we still cannot wait to check it out.

About Extension

We put a great effort to make this extension. During the process, the user experience was the first thing that was on our mind. We labeled this update as 3.0.

Playmobil: The Movie extension is secure and fast. Therefore, it will improve your browsing in general. It’s designed for people of all ages, therefore, there are zero restrictions. The extension can be downloaded by everyone and it is completely FREE

You can always look up our site for more similar themes and extensions. Furthermore, we also suggest you go to the Chrome Web Store and search for extension labeled Megathemes.

This Playmobil: The Movie Wallpapers extension is flexible and modular, just like all of the others that we created. This means that there are modules and tabs that you can configure easily. By using the Settings panel, you can either show or hide them. We have also added the Must-Have Related Themes. This way, you will be able to discover the brand new and popular themes without leaving the tab.

The Features You Get

Wallpapers and Settings
Playmobil Wallpapers extension is full of HD as well as HQ wallpapers. They can feature arts, drawings or manips designed by different authors. A huge number of them are really popular.

The background module is incredibly easy. In order to use it, you just simply click on a “Star” located on the top of the wallpaper’s thumbnail. By doing this, you’ll make it one of your favorites. Moreover, you can choose more of them if you want.

There are a few ways to shuffle wallpapers. These options are:
Shuffling all images
Shuffling only your favorite images
Making it random on each new tab

This is not all. Furthermore, you are even able to pick the transitions between the changes, or even choose the time in which you want your wallpaper changed automatically.

Productivity Tabs
We want to help you stay productive. That is why in the upper left part of the screen, you’ll find added tabs. These include:

Most visited: a simple list of all of the sites you visited the most. This way, you’ll have a very easy navigation
Apps: the fast and simple way to approach the popular productivity tools and sites
Share: spread your love on different sites

*All of these can be either shown or hidden using the Settings Panel

One of our most popular features is definitely the Notes app. This app is simple and very easy to use. By using it, you will be able to make quick reminders which will be shown on your browser window. You are also able to move them. You can do this by simply clicking and dragging them over the screen. When you complete your task, simply delete it. Notes can be shown or hidden by using the Settings Panel.

To-Do organizer
This feature will help you stay updated with all of the things important to you. You can set the alarm or make a list of essential stuff. This panel can also be turned on or off by using the Setting Panel.

Settings panel and Support Tab
The settings panel is very simple and very easy to use. The new options also make it really powerful. With it, you will be able to control your entire browser tab. This means that you are actually able to hide all of the apps or choose the one you need.

You can also pick animations or slideshows. Moreover, you can set the countdown for literally any topic. 
Support links for FAQ, New Updates, Feedback page or Uninstall Extensions are located bellow the Settings, at the bottom right part of your screen.

You can always hit us up if you have a request for some wallpaper or an extension. Just look up our Contact page.
We strongly encourage you to rate our extensions. You can leave your Five-star rating on Chrome Web Store. Just click on the rate link, located on the top left.

How To Remove the Extension?

If you want to remove our extension from your browser, just do the following:

  1. Click on the Chrome Setting menu that looks like three dots. It is located on the right upper part of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings in that menu
  3. When the page opens, go to Extensions
  4. Look for the extension you want to remove and click on the Trashcan icon
  5. Your extension is removed

You can also just Right-click on the Playmobil The Movie icon in your toolbar and go to “Remove from Chrome…” Option.
The third way is to just click on Support tab placed in the right bottom and choose “Uninstall”

We are not representing any official app or any product. All of our extensions are made by the fans and intended for the fans. The extensions are completely free to use and are not sponsored or endorsed by the mentioned companies or their trademarks. Some parts of our extensions might have ads. Because the wallpapers we use are found on the web, please contact us if you own the copyright and we will remove the image immediately.

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