John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019

Fortune fans can now enjoy the extension that will surely decorate your browser background. This is the backdrop of one of John Wicka’s most famous skins. HD quality and high quality images will appear each time you open a new card. In addition to photos, there are features that will make it easier to use search engines. Share information with your friends so they can also enjoy them in the backgrounds.

John Wick is an Outfit cosmetic item in Battle Royale that could be obtained in the Item Shop. The Assassin Pack back bling comes bundled with this outfit. The John Wick outfit, as well as the whole set, is a reference to the John Wick franchise, and was released as a promotion for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. The skin very closely resembles actor Keanu Reeves playing as the John Wick character.

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019
John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019

Fortnite has an official John Wick skin, but before it arrived, Keanu Reeves seemed to be in the game in the form of a Season 3 battle pass skin called the Reaper. The Reaper wasn’t officially Reeves or his action movie character, but it looked a lot like him. During today’s E3 Coliseum, Epic creative director Donald Mustard said the resemblance wasn’t intentional.

Mustard took the stage today with Geoff Keighley and Chad Stahelski, the director of the movie John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. The panel, titled “Storytelling Across Screens,” was in part about Epic bringing John Wick to Fortnite through an official skin and a John Wick-themed limited-time mode, Wick’s Bounty. Stahelski said the Epic team approached him after John Wick 2, looking for a collaboration. Mustard followed up to say that the Reaper’s resemblance to Keanu Reeves was not only unintentional, but took Reeves by surprise.

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John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019
John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019


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