We will try to explain how to install and uninstall extension in this chapter.

To add extension to your Chrome browser, browse extension on Chrome Webstore or click on link below:

Fortnite Battle Royale New tab
Fortnite Battle Royale New tab

After that, click on blue button that says “Add to Chrome”. After extension is downloaded it will be installed. In upper right corner it migh ask you to keep the changes so click on button that says “Keep the changes”

How to uninstall extension?

Uninstalling is pretty simple. You can right click on extension icon in your menu bar and click on “Remove from Chrome…”. That is first method.

If for some reason icon is not available, you can uninstall it like this:

  • Click on Chrome menu icon in right upper corner. Choose “Settings” and then choose “Extensions”.
  • It will open new window with all extensions that youve had installed. Find extension that you want to remove and click on Trash can icon on right side. That is it!

If you need any more info or have some questions, send us a message or mail!