APEX Legends HD Wallpaper and New Tab

Hi! We present you one of the MOST POPULAR games right now APEX Legends and Wallpaper and New tab Chrome extension for it!

If you are enjoying Apex Legends while playing, why not have awesome HD backgrounds when open new tab?

We constantly add new wallpapers, so you can always find some new stuff!

And that is not all!

When installing Apex Legends extension, not only you get wallpapers, you will also get great features that will help you keep organized and functional.

Make fast notes with our Notes app, just click on Note button an colorfull new sticker will appear on screen!

Want make list of To Do-s? Why not, try our To Do app, with timer ro remind you on time!

Also, we implemented shortcuts app and fast and simple bookmark tab to keep you focused and fast.

In new updates, we will bring you more Apex Legends features, news and widgets, so you can find new crates, items or tutorials.

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